It's a Blast, You're Welcome
(2022 Group Show)

*Date: 22nd January to 20th February 2022
*Location:  Sign (Winschoterkade 10 9711 EA Groningen, the Netherlands)
*Participant Artist: Alexandra Subota, Lucie Sahner, Yang-ha
*Design: Wouter va Tilborg
*Photo: Lau Man Pan

<My Dearest Love 8>, 2022,
wood, hose, pump, acrylic spray, fabric, curtain rack, glitter, water, glass jar, variable size

Then as you descend the staircase, you see Mother Mary crying and everything is cute. Yet another juxtaposition between the ideal we have built for society and the individual cynicism that derives from it. On the walls you see windows with flowery cute curtains, and beneath them you get a glimpse of the real world. It’s a field of lilies. But the flat surface of the drawing does not pertain to this illusion. It purposely seeks to establish a sinister environment that inflates the robbing character of purity. Yang-Ha plays with the human condition by dissecting the debate around womanhood in nowadays society through the prism of the Christian ideal by reflecting on the two women in her life – her mom and her grandma. The ideal, being Mother Mary – a selfless woman – not an individual; sacrificial, submissive and altruistic. She is isolated in the basement; angels keep her company and constantly remind her of the purity and virtue she embodies; the purity and virtue she has to perpetuate in compensation to her long gone individuality. And where does the modern woman stand in this equation? Perhaps, we all want to be Mary but we can’t. Perhaps we all wanted our mothers to have been Mary at some point but they couldn’t. Purity and true virtue are ideals of the past that are unsuitable for our modern industrial inhabitance. The modern woman has OnlyFans as a job and thinks sex work is a political act.

written by Vanesa Evgenieva Miteva
︎︎︎︎ Yang-Ha/ 양하 
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